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Want cash for Your home in Mission?

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Do You Need to Sell a House Fast for Cash?

Turnkey Property USA is a trusted local real estate investment firm that has your best interest in mind. We specialize in purchasing “BEAT UP properties in Mission, KS and the surrounding KC Metro area.

If you have a less then desirable home that you are tired of pouring money into and can’t seem to justify continuing to do so, then fill out the form or give us a call today.

Some of the Benefits to Selling Your Home for Cash

  • Fair Cash Purchase Price
  • Offer in 48 Hours or Less
  • No Appraisals Needed
  • No Cleaning
  • Any Property/Any Condition
  • Close in as Quick as 14 Days
  • No Marketing/Showing
  • No Bank Approval Needed

We Want To Buy Your House

Let Us Give You a Cash Offer on Your House

Are you an out of state landlord that is sick of dealing with bad tenants who never pay their rent on time or that are destroying your property? We can help!

Are you close to being in foreclosure and want to try to save your credit as much as you can before it’s too late? Give us a shout!

Is your home in such bad disrepair that you don’t even know where to start to get it back to a presentable state? Let us handle that!

No matter the problem you are facing, rest assured, that Turnkey Property USA is someone you can rely on to get the job done right and quickly!

We will pay cash for your home in Mission!

You don’t have to move everything out. You don’t have to clean anything up. We truly buy properties in Mission “AS IS”. Get your fair cash offer today and leave the rest to us.

-Turnkey Property USA

Selling Your Home is Easy

How Do I Get Started???

It’s simple. Just fill out the short form with some basic information about you and your property. We will look it over and get back to you within a few days with a fair cash offer. If you accept our offer, we can close quickly and there will be no fees for you.

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Basic Information that Only Takes a Few Minutes to Complete

Live Your Best Life

Stop the Worry and Stress Just Enjoy Your Life!

Get Your Home in Mission Sold

The form is free to fill out and there is no obligation for you to accept our offer if it doesn’t fit your needs.

Quick closing with no fees…

Hard Money, no waiting on the banks approval

10+ years of experience in the Mission, KS market

Avoid foreclosure or just stop feeding the money pit.

There are many benefits to accepting a cash offer. You can save money by paying no fees or agent comissons and avoid costly repairs by selling the property “as is”. Skip all the hassle that comes along with marketing and showing your property. There is always less of a chance that a deal will fall through when taking a cash offer because there is no need for us to secure a loan for financing, plus we will handle all the paperwork for you.

    • Native to the Mission Area
    • We Love What We Do
    • We Care About Your Best Interest
    • Been in the Business for 10+ Years

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Selling For Cash Made Simple

If you need to sell fast, for any reason, consider a cash sale with Turnkey Property USA. We make the process quick and easy and can save you thousands of dollars on agent fees and closing costs. Stop pouring your hard earned wages into a money pit you don’t want anyway. Check out our BLOG for more information about the benefits of working with US!